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Gauges / Thermometers / Accessories
Valves / Accessories
Actuators / Pneumatic / electric and actuator packages
Speciality plumbing
Pipe Fitting
Kitz Product Page
Red & White Product Page
MAS Product Page
Actuator Packages
American Valve Product Site
Apollo Ball Valves
Apollo Butterfly Valves
Bonney Forge Product Page
Flow Control Components
JMC Trunnion Ball Valves
Max Air Actuation
Moygro Check Valve
Mueller Steam Specialty Site
Demco Butterfly Valves
W-K-M Butterfly Valves
Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings
Gauges / Thermometers / Accessories

Liquid filled gauges
Utility gauges
Process gauges
Contractor / commercial gauges (HVAC)
Industrial gauges
Severe service gauges
Sanitary gauges
Low presssure gauges
Transmitter gauges
Diaphragm seals
Pressure snubbers
Impulse dampeners
Coil syphons
Needle valves
Gauges cock
Industrial thermometers
Dial thermometers (remote reading)
Bi-metal thermometers
Temperature recorders
Electronic temperature sensors
Digital indicators
Certificate of calibration
Repair estimation

Sanitary gauges 3A
Sanitary thermometers 3A
Food / pharmaceutical process



Solenoid valves
Directionnal valves 3/2 - 5/2
Filters-regulators-lubricators (modular)
Flow controls
Automatic drains
Fittings (push type)
Ambient air dryers
Vacuum filters
Suction cups
Vacuum generators
Vacuum switches
Polurethane tubings
Polyrethane coil hose
Nylon tubings
Precision regulators
Pneumatic positionnors
Electro-pneumatic positonnors
Convector I/P, E/P signals

Quick connect couplings
Air blow guns
Air hoses
Spiral hoses

Compressed air treatment
FRL modular
Air compressed filters
Air compressed regulators
Air compressed lubrificators
Coalescing filters
Air dryers

Compression fittings
(bronze - stainless steel)
Instrumentation valves and fittings
Valves / Accessories

Subsidiary of Bray International Inc.

Butterfly valves / actuators
Resilient seat - TEFLON lined (150 lbs.)
Stainless steel 316 body

Ball valves, butterfly, gate, globe, check
(bronze, carbon steel, stainless steel)

Process ball valves / actuators
(3) pieces construction body
(bronze, carbon steel (A105) stainless steel)
Sanitary, steam applications etc.
Ball valves - high temprature service

Ball valves (CGA approved) (600 Psi)
Plug valves 2,3 ways mutiport
(CGA approved)

Plastic valve's
pvc-cpvc-pvdf polypropylene

Plastic valve's
pvc-cpvc-pvdf polypropylene
Thermostatic valves
Pneumatic control valves
(on/off, modulating)
Wafer check valves

Ball valves / actuators package
(direct mount) (econo-miser service)

Chain wheel operator's

Electro-pneumatic, pneumatic positionnor's

Limit switches
Actuators / Pneumatic / electric and actuator packages

(rack & pinion type)
(raymond control system)
on/off, modulating (4-20Amps.)
(rack & pinion type)
Speciality plumbing
Plumbing & heating
(steam-water regulator)
CONBRACO Safety valves (steam-liquid-gaz)
Discharge valves

Steam traps
Air purgers
Water level indicators for boiler (pyrez)

Level float valves
Morbrey / Bestobell Level float switches
Photoelic differential pressure gauges
Solenoid valves
(plastic, blonze, stainless steel)
Silent check valves, vacuum breaker
gasket (neoprene-teflon)
Indicating flow meter
Flow controller's
Pipe Fitting

Sanitary 3A approved (304L-316L)
Black steel
Stainless steel (304-316) 150 lbs.-3000 lbs
Sch.40, Sch.80, fabricated
PVC - Sch.40, Sch.80
CPVC - Sch.40, Sch.80
Galvanized steel

Cam grooved fitting
Flexible hoses
Expansion joints


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